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An elite sky ranger from the secluded, invisible city of Enza. Many years of rigorous combat training using Magi-tech weaponry makes Destiny an agile and deadly force to be reckoned with. Fed up with the strict regulations of living in Enza, Destiny often escapes the city to blow off some steam and have fun in the arena.



Can deal a lot of burst damage and have a strong sustained damage;
Can interrupt almost every ultimate using Charged Shot (M2)
Strong orb control;
Good zoning potential;
Very good in combo compositions or defensive compositions.
Can give some protections to your allies;


Don't have heals, shields costs energy or certain battlerites to get;
1 I-frame pos-counter (2 i-frame if take Dispatch battlerite for space);
Hard to win a 1v2 without much energy.


The builds provided here are references, always try to adapt your build based in your playstyle, team composition and enemy team composition.

Standard Loadout


This build focus making your Charged Bolt (M2) very stong and punisher with Power Attachment and System Shock , Dispatch make your space give to you a I-frame (invencible frame) to dodge crucial skills or jump walls to scape Sizzle make your Plasma Wall (E) to be used as a setup for combos since make the E root enemies and avoid enemies only to think about pass or not the wall. Expansion Pack make your Mega Sphere (R) be more punisher and used more times in a match, this is a crucial skill to Destiny, what make this battlerite very good.

Plasma Infusion good to trada damage versus ranged compositions.
Violent Revolution good versus rushdown compositions since you will knockback one enemy very far away.
Blast Processing very good if you play around your counter and forcing counters (using Plasma Wall (E) to stop projectiles and countering when it will come to hit you to force your counter be triggered), what make your counter more punisher.
Transformer very good in maps with more walls like Orman Temple.
If you think need any replace, replace in the slot of Dispatch or Expansion Pack.


Click on skill button or icon to open their tips.

General strategy to M1 Ranged Champions

Try to kiting (attack - move - attack - move) while using this skill to dodge some stuff;
Move on to enemy while finishing the casting to reach the correcly range to deal damage and move out from range, to deal damage in a M1 trade but not receive any damage;
Don't hold M1 against champions with interrupts (Iva, Jade and Poloma) and champions with counters/shields off cooldown;
As your best skill to farm energy use this to deal free damage and farm every time you can, remember, you can deal damage to Blossom's Tree (Q/EX-Q) and Pestilus Queen (Q) to farm energy, but don't let them heal the Tree/Queen, if they heal they will get energy too;
Use this to dismount melee enemies what are trying to get next to you.

M1 - Power Blaster

Use this a lot, try to use this to initiate but have caution with enemies counters;
Don't miss, every hit lost is less damage and don't lower cooldown of Charged Bolt (M2);
After you unload all bullets you will auto reload yours guns, fill this time using others skills like Snap Shot (Shift-M2) or Disabling Shot (E), but have the care do not be predicable;
You move slowly while casting, use this to try to dodge stuff.


Almost every combo of Destiny need of a setup (root/zoning) to works and almost everyone need to cast R and trigger using M1/Shift-M1/M2.

E (with root)/Shift-E + R + Charge the maximum before root/stun going out;
Shift-E + Space (knockback the enemy to the board to receive stun) + M2 Charge the maximum before stun going out;
R + M2 Charge the maximum before stun going out;
R + M1 to knockback enemies or deal fast some damage;
R + Shift-M1 + M1 to get the maximum shield value and allies next will get 1 stack of shield, but this deal less damage than other combos;
M2 + Full M1 + E + Full M1 + R + Full M1.


Tips to how control and get the middle orb. Have in mind, almost every combo here works based in our loadout of battlerites.

4x M1;
3x M1 + Space;
M1 + M1 + E (to protect) + M2;
M1 + R + M2 full charged;
R + M2 or just M2 to try to steal the middle orb;
Space can be used to knockback the middle orb or a enemy to prevent the middle orb to be get be enemy team;
You can use ultimate to get the middle orb and deal damage to melees what are next to the middle orb, try to hit the middle orb twice to get this.


The most optimal compositions for this champion, but you can try and climb using almost every composition you can imagine.


Destiny + Poloma

Balanced composition with good damage, good defenses and some strong combos.

Force outs Destiny Shift-E + R + M2 Charging Poloma Ultimate Destiny strike the Mega Sphere (R) with M2 full charged Poloma E
If a melee is on Poloma Destiny Shift-E in Poloma and Melee + R + M2 Charging Poloma uses Shift-Space and replace a other enemy, making 2 enemies stay in the Lockdown (Shift-E) Destiny hit the sphere with M2 full charged.

Destiny + Blossom

Agressive composition with some support

Abuse from protections and peel of Destiny and Blossom's Forest Sanctuary (Shift-Q) while is being aggresive.
Destiny E (with root from Sizzle battlerite) Blossom E Destiny R + M2 Blossom Shift-Space Both M1
Destiny Shift-E + R + M2 Charging Blossom Shift-Space to force enemy be stunned in lockdown Destiny use M2 full charged in sphere Blossom E + M1 Charged Both M1
Destiny E (with root from Sizzle battlerite) Blossom E Destiny M2 Blossom M1 Charged Both M1.


Destiny + Varesh + Poloma

Composition with good capacity of deal damage and strong peel

Destiny and Varesh try to combo debuffed enemies while Poloma heals

Destiny Shift-E + R + M2 Poloma Ult + E Varesh M2 or EX-M2+E All M1.


Some tips for playing versus certain champions.

Take care to not receive a Flamestrike (Q) + Fire Storm (M2) combo;
Interrupt his Fire Storm (M2) using your Charged Bolt (M2)/Magnetic Orb (Space) or stop projectiles with Plasma Wall (E).

Take care with the Bakko's Bulwark (Q), this can reflect your Charged Bolt (M2) and Magnetic Orb (Space) (space stun you), fake cast your M2 to bait his shield;
When he use Valiant Leap (Space) you can cast Magnetic Orb (Space) and go away, if he use his space in a ally you can Plasma Wall (E) (with Sizzle giving root)/Lockdown (Shift-E) to not let Bakko focus your ally;
Try to dodge or stop (with Plasma Wall (E)) his Blood Axe (M2) full charged to lower his damage;
Don't use Charged Bolt (M2) wrong or Bakko will use Valiant Leap (Space) canceling your casting and dealing much damage in you, or worst he can use his ultimate, Heroic Charge (F).

Take care with Gust (R), this can reflect your Charged Bolt (M2);
Try to play around Blossom's Tree of Life (Q), she can cast this right in your front to tank your Charged Bolt (M2);
Cancel his ultimate using your Charged Bolt (E);
Try to not beign hit by her Boom Bloom (E), counter this.

The most important thing versus a Croak is, NEVER being stunned and you will be fine;
If he is coming to you walking use your Magnetic Orb (Space) and run away;
If he ults on you can recast space if have battlerite Dispatch to avoid the damage;
If he burn his moves quickly cast your Charged Bolt (M2).

Try to not be trapped in a combo;
You can interrupt his M2 with your M2/Space;
If she will deal a combo on you/your ally try to hit your Charged Bolt (M2)/Magnetic Orb (Space) to interrupt his M2 casting;
Fake cast (casting-cancel) your Charged Bolt (M2) to bait her counter and wall, never hit her counter with your M2;
If she burn her E you can cast your Lockdown (Shift-E) + R + M2 combo;
Try to dodge her M2 and Magnetic Orb (Space) both can be countered.

Don't let he grabs you with his Chaos Grip (M2), or you will be heavy punished you can counter this, but have care to not be baited, you can use Plasma Wall (E) to stop this;
Take care while casting Charged Bolt (M2) he can grab you with his Chaos Grip (M2);
If the Ezmo try to rush you using Tome of Destruction (R) + Displace (Space) you can counter or Magnetic Orb (Space) to go away or trade damage while is dodging using Plasma Wall (E).
Have attention to not hit his Arcane Barrier (Q) with your Charged Bolt (M2) or he will unload too much damage;
You can use Magnetic Orb (Space) to out from his root.

Don't hit the counters or you will be heavy punished, if hit use your Magnetic Orb (Space) to go out;
Try dodge or counter her Storm Mace (M2) what is going to incapacitate you in a wall;
You can force her I-frames and counter using your Charged Bolt (M2) fake casting (casting-cancel).

Don't hold your M1/M2 button until she uses her Tazer (E), or she will interrupt and stun you, unless you are casting M2 far away;
If she is using U-Turn (Double Space) battlerite, you can always land a Charged Bolt (M2)/Plasma Wall (E)/Lockdown (Shift-E) in the position what she will land;
Try to dodge/counter her Concussion Shot (Shift-E) or ROCKET X-67; Use his M1 ammo based as your advantage to trigger yours Charged Bolt (E) and counters.

Don't hold your M1/M2 button until she uses her Disabling Shot (E), or she will interrupt and silence you;
After she spaces out you can hit a Charged Bolt (M2);
Use Plasma Wall (E) to not let she get the middle orb;
Interrupt her Snipe (M2) or ultimate using your Charged Bolt (M2), Magnetic Orb (Space) can interrupt her Snipe (M2) only;
In a 1v1 scenario you try to get 2 energy bars and force her space, after she spaces use your combo of Shift-E + R + M2;
Use his M1 ammo based as your advantage to trigger yours Disabling Shot (E).

Don't get trapped or you will receive much damage;
If he uses his Seekers Arrow (Shift-M2) you can counter or just walk to a wall to the arrow hit the wall and stop damaging you;
He have more range than you, don't let he go out of your M1 range;
Counter or interrupt his Steady Shot (M2) or ultimate using Charged Bolt (M2);
Only use your Lockdown (Shift-E)/ultimate if he wasted both scapes since their immaterial is long enough to run away or just go to a wall.

Avoid to being hit be her Panic Flask (E) counter this or stop with Plasma Wall (E);
Avoid if possible hit targets with her shield;
In the start of the match try to focus Lucie, she don't will have energy to Roll (R), abuse this.

Have care to not hit his shield/chronoflux using your Charged Bolt (M2), play around this, fake cast your M2 to bait this skills;
Avoid to being hit be his Stone Glass (R), you can counter the hit or use recast of Magnetic Orb (Space) (with Dispatch battlerite) before being petrified (using I-Frame to avoid being Petrified).

Try to not focus mainly Pearl, only if she make bad moves;
Try to not trigger her counter, make some fake cast (cast-cancel) to bait her counter and bubble;
Avoid to being hit be his Charged Staff (Shift-M1) walking/dodging or countering;
Play around her Bubble Barrier(E), this make your Charged Bolt (M2) null;
Have in mind, the Pearl's Bubble Shield (R) can remove the Silence/Root.

At start you can force his scape/queen with Charged Bolt (M2), if he uses Infest (Space) few seconds before he lands you can cast Charged Bolt (M2) and aim where he will land;
Avoid staying in the AoE of Queen (Q) if he will explode it;
Avoid to being hit be his Arachnphofobia (E) or Brain Bug (Shift-E) (this you can counter);
Remember, you cast cast your Mega Sphere (R) if Pestilus and/or allies stay in the back of Queen to force them to out.

Don't hold your M1, she can interrupt your hit and panic you, if she comes close to you use 1x M1 each time to bait her panic;
Avoid to being hit be her Spirit Wolf (E) if he picks battlerite of root;
Force Other Side (M2) with your M2 after this you can deal a lot of damage to her;
Cast a ultimate versus Poloma is hard, since he can use Other Side (M2) to deny the damage to enemy focused, can use Soul Transfer (Shift-Space) or Spirit Rift (Q) to cancel your ultimate;
Remember Other Side (M2) can remove your stun, silence and root (stun and silence she can prevent in herself not remove on own Poloma).

Fake cast (casting-cancel) your Snipe (M2) to bait/force Parry (Q);
Avoid to being hit be his Tectonic Shock (Shift-E), force this skill for not have your ultimate interrupted;
Remember, you cast cast your Blast Vault (Space) for disrupt his Parry (Q);
Try to dodge her Retribution (M2) to deny his damage and heals.

Never hit his counter, or you will be heavy punished;
You can Magnetic Orb (Space)/Lockdown (Shift-E) before he reach you with Rush (Space), don't be baited, wait until he start the charge to activate yours skills;
If anyone triggers his counter, cast Magnetic Orb (Space) to knockback or Lockdown (Shift-E)/Plasma Wall (E) (wall if Sizzle to root) don't let he deal damage.

Dodge or counter Claw of the Wicked (E) at all costs or you will be heavy punished,;
Try to not receive Shadowbolt (M2) because this will deal much damage and can Amplify the damage you receive if Ruh Kaan get this battlerite;
Avoid Reaping Scythe (Shift-Space), cancel this with Magnetic Orb (Space);
If Ruh Kaan Ult try to maintain distance and use Plasma Wall (E)/Magnetic Orb (Space).

You can hitMagnetic Orb (Space) or Charged Bolt (M2) during his Ultimate Whirlwind (F) to interrupt;
Don't let the Shifu use Javelin (E) on you, stopping with wall or countering;
His immaterials dispells your Root;
Try to not hit his counter and not being hitted by her Javelin (E), avoid his Impale (M2) to lower their damage.

Don't hit his counter and avoid being hitted by Crescent Strike (M1) Charged countering this;
If you have fast reflects you can interrupt his Prismatic Strike (R) before he can attack;
You can use Magnetic Orb (Space) to hit he fast and don't be hitted by M1 charged;
Interrupt his ultimate with your M2;
Use your Magnetic Orb (Space) to go out from petrify AoE and his ultimate beam.

If she uses Wind Bomb (E) on you, you can Magnetic Orb (Space) out, Sky Strike (Q) or interrupt with Charged Bolt (M2) to go out from his X Strike (M2);
Is hard to land your Charged Bolt (M2) when she is Hasted;
If she don't have energy or have wasted her R you can easily combo (Shift-E + R + M2);
If she ult you can use Lockdown (Shift-E) to stop, Plasma Wall (E) to stop projectiles or hit some damage to destroy her shield and interrupt her ultimate;
Avoid to receiving the double tap damage (go and back from boomerang) to lower the damage.

Dodge or counter his Entangling Roots (E) and Thorn Barrage (Shift-M2) you can use the Charged Bolt (M2)/Magnetic Orb (Space) to interrupt the casting of this spells or spot projectiles with Plasma Wall (E);
If he comes to you using space you can Magnetic Orb (Space) away and hit he right when he go out from the ground;
Dodge his his Entangling Roots (E) and Evil Clutch (Q), your Magnetic Orb (Space) can make this more easily;
Have attention if you are casting Charged Bolt (M2) to get the middle orb and he try to grab with Evil Clutch (Q) you need to change your aim based in the grab position, have in mind you can wait for Thorn grab and after cast Charged BOlt (M2) too;
Have caution with Charged BOlt (M2), try to use more after he used the Burrow (Space);
If he uses his Barbed Husk (R) you can cast your combo (Shift-E + R + M2) or just Charged BOlt (M2) right before he go out/cancel his protection to deal the damage when he goes out his protection.

If you receive the both debuffs you almost will lose the trade, try to not reiceve the debuffs while trading, use Plasma Wall (E) and Sky Strike (Q) to avoid receiving debuffs;
Avoid to being hit be his Shatter (E);
Don't cast Charged Bolt (M2) if you have Judgement debuff on you, he can just Shatter (E) in you and interrupt;
Bait he counter, shield and Reform (R) using your Charged Bolt (M2).


Sky Ring and Orman Temple are both very good to use your ultimate and deal much damage.


Nothing for now.


Last edition: 24/11/2017 - Created.

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